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Labour for Moving House Lichfield Birmingham

Removals abroad can be exciting, nerve-racking, and terrifying all in one. It’s a new adventure that can lead to an absolutely amazing experience. Of course, if moving house within the country was considered stressful, then moving abroad is a whole new kettle of fish. There are a few important things to remember when you plan to move abroad, and it’s important to make a note of them if you are planning an international adventure.

Know the Culture in Birmingham

When you move abroad, it’s important that you really do your research and get to know how the people there function and any specific cultural differences. Many people will visit for a month or so to get a feel for the area and know what it’s like to live there. After all, when we holiday somewhere, it can feel very different to living there.

Taking Your Pets

Your furry companion will go with you everywhere, even when you move to another country. Make sure they have a passport and have also had a rabies jab at least 21 days before you plan to travel. They will need to be microchipped and have a full vet check before travelling.


When you move abroad be sure to check the cost of tax and legal fees when buying your new house. These can add an additional 6-10% onto the total cost of your house. You must also look into local taxes as different regions and countries will have varying costs.